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House M.D. - Spoiler Free

A spoiler free community for House fans

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A community for fans of House that wish to remain spoiler free!
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A community for fans of Fox's show House who would like a truly spoiler-free discussion. We ask that posters to our community only post on topics for which they have not been spoiled.

We want our speculation pure :)

Membership in this community is moderated, because we want to prevent the community from being spoiled by careless/rude/inconsiderate/stupid posters.

Posting is unmoderated for all community members. Non-members are not allowed to post. We went back and forth on this topic, but decided this was the safest bet for our members (and moderators).

We encourage anyone who would like to join this community to get a free live journal account at the Live Journal homepage. Signing up is easy (Plus, LJs are addictive and fun!).

We encourage members to post an introduction when they join. We want this to be a good discussion group, and it helps if we're comfortable with one another.

A note about bashing (storyline or characters), trolling, and/or derisiveness in posts: Our goal for this community is to have a friendly, fun, and interesting community in which to discuss the various storylines and characters of House. If you want to spend all your time posting about how you hate the storyline, you hate the show, you hate what has happened, you hate the new character, etc. -- this is not the place for you. Yes, that's restrictive. Deal with it. It's our community. We started it because we like House, and we want to have real discussions. If you are not capable of real discussions (respecting the opinions of others, in particular), we suggest you not join this group. If you are hardheaded and join anyway, we'll ban you from the community as soon as your incompatibility becomes apparent.

1. NO SPOILERS. Yes, this should go without saying. But we're saying it anyway.

2. No spoiler reactions. They will be removed. This includes *squees,* *boos,* and *mehs.* Seriously. We don't want to know. Removals will be at the discretion of the moderators.

3. Promos may be discussed, but only behind an lj cut, that gives no reaction to the promo. Acceptable titles would be "6.01 promo discussion." NOT "Holy shit, did you see the promo for the premiere!!!!11!!!?" Many members avoid promos because they feel they are too spoilery. Respect them, or your posts will be removed. Promos may not be discussed in the community's open discussions.

4. Casting information may be discussed -- but as with promos, only behind an LJ cut (see directions here). The cut title for all casting discussions should be formatted as follows: "Casting discussion: (insert date)." This format will allow discussion for those who are interested, but will not give away any information to those who are not interested. Casting information may not be discussed in the community's open discussions.

5. Episode titles are SPOILERS until the episode has aired.

6. TV guide/Fox website/other source episode descriptions that come out before the episode airs may not be discussed.

7. For those who have trouble following the rules, we will allow two warnings. Upon the third offense, the user will be banned from the community (preventing the mods from dealing with spoilers/spoiler reactions from the offending user).

8. If you won't be bothered to make an attempt at correct spelling/capitalization (particularly since LJ has a spell check function), then we will remove your posts. Same applies to STicKy cAps. We don't expect perfection -- we all make mistakes. But if it's clear you couldn't be bothered making it readable -- we won't be bothered reading it.

9. Type 'the term spoiler-mary sucks' as the subject in the application post, so we know you have read the rules.

10. This community is designed to be a forum for unspoiled speculation and episode discussion. We don't mind if it occasionally drifts to squeeing, posting pics of how pretty the characters are, or other general House related silliness. But this should be the exception as opposed to the rule.

11. We understand that some spoiled people and/or partially spoiled people may have an interest in our community. We'd love for you to follow along with us. We do ask that you refrain from posting about any topic for which you are spoiled. Many members of this community were once spoiled, and we know how easy it is for spoilers to creep into speculation discussions unintentionally.

12. Icons made from promo pictures and promo videos are not allowed. We know that accidents happen and if you happen to have an icon (or icons) we ask you to not use them as you post in this community.

In order to receive an invitation for this community, we need to know you have read the rules. So, please take a minute to read them and post your application in the Application Post.

Apply here!

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